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  • Safe, Reliable, Technology to Assist Carers

    Effective telecare for hospitals, nursing homes and home carers.

  • Know the moment someone leaves a chair or bed.

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Movement sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.

Effective telecare for hospitals, nursing homes and home carers. For the past twenty-five years we have been supplying products across the field and have developed a name for providing, user-friendly sensors and pagers and excellent customer service. Our products can alert carers when an individual leaves a bed, a chair, a room or a home. This can give the elderly or infirm increased freedom, alerting the carer only when necessary. Our products are popular with those caring for people with dementia. Available in two variations: To work with your existing call system or As part of our wireless pager system

Where possible we always try to ship orders out for next day delivery.  

Call us if you need an early or Saturday delivery.

We noticed 12% falls reduction and received an award for safety.

cutout-bed-mats-and-pagersBED SENSORS

Know the moment an individual gets out of bed.



The best Floor mats on the market. Truly reliable, hand-finished floor mats that won’t break the bank. 


ExtensionLeadExisting Systems

Our products can be supplied to work with your existing call system.

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TextPagerDiagramWireless Paging

Our pager systems provide a reliable way of monitoring throughout your building.


Airlert® | Our unique air-sensitive pressure mats

The air pressure pads are very sensitve and detect the change in air pressure as a patient gets out of a chair or bed or presses a call button. Using air pressure reduces false alarms and unlike some other products mats can be placed under matteresses or cushions for a more discreet and comfortable sensor.

The Airlert sensor detects subtle variations in pressure change and only alarms when a certain level of pressure has been reached. Patients can roll around on the bed or chair without false alarms.

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